How fusion food fulfils gastronomic fantasies

Fusion is in. Fusion fashion, fusion décor, fusion art, and hold your breath….fusion food! And the latter is popular all over the world, regardless of geography or culture. Ethnocentricity is no longer the name of the game. And this is true in the UK as well.

So, what exactly is Fusion Food? Well, fusion food is cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. First becoming popular in the 1970s, restauranteurs have experimented with Fusion food since then. Some critics have given it a bad name, but if done right, it’s delicious, though experimental. In this article we’ll talk about fusion food and its renaissance in the UK and worldwide.

So, if you’re looking for Fusion cuisine the Portuguese way, you can enjoy the Espetada Fusion Platter, or then, a Greek salad with feta cheese and chicken. Sounds delicious? You bet! And to top it off, you can order a Carrot Cake with English Breakfast Tea.

With fusion cooking, you can use the old, familiar recipes and reinvent them, by changing the spices, main ingredients, or then, cooking methods to come up with a dish that is very similar to the original ethnic dish, but with an interesting twist.

fusion food

Fusion food is the result of a style of cooking that has been influenced by two or more regional styles. So, for example, you can have Portuguese cuisine with an English influence. While the roots of fusion food are ancient, the influence rapidly spread across Europe and the Americas since the past 40 years or so. And hold your breath….French chefs were the first to begin cooking and offering fusion food!

Fusion food is also interestingly called “New World Cuisine”. The pioneer of fusion cooking was Wolfgang Johannes Puck, an Austrian celebrity chef, restauranteur and businessman based in Los Angeles, USA. If prepared and eaten consciously, fusion food is transcendent and transforming. It can transport you into a whole new world, where you’re shaken out of your comfort zone and can relish something new. And lest you wonder, that very British dish of fish and chips is also fusion food, having ingredients from Jewish, French and Belgian cuisines.

And health concerns have also spawned fusion food restaurants. As consumers become more concerned about eating healthy, the idea of mixing the healthiest ingredients from various cuisines becomes appealing. There are several fusion food celebrity chefs, whose styles are as eclectic and diverse as the cuisine they serve their guests.

Many fusion food restaurants in the UK have begun offering traditional dishes with a culinary twist. However, many opponents of fusion food say that there are inherent dangers to fusion cooking. It is quite possible that the dish that fusion chefs introduce, taste awful or go horribly wrong. This is one of the reasons that many chefs ridicule fusion food.

So, if you’re attempting fusion cooking there are certain tips you can keep in mind. Do know your ingredients; intimately know the procedures to create your dish, such as stir fry; practice restraint, and above all, first try your fusion food recipes on yourself.

So, do experiment with fusion food either as a chef, culinary critic, or then simply as a gourmand. The rewards are great and the culinary journey, interesting to say the least. Here’s to loving fusion food!

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