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We’ve all known one of those days, when all we’ve wanted to do is unwind and relax after a really long, hard day. We’ve all known the anticipation and excitement when we’ve thought of going to that new restaurant in town. We’ve all known the feeling when all we’ve wanted to do is eat out.

And for those of you living in the UK, there is good news…The choice of restaurants in the UK is greater than ever before. And this increase is due to the staggering growth of diverse restaurants across the UK. And this is only slated to grow…

I mean, let’s look at the numbers. A total of 179 new restaurants opened in London in 2015. There are approximately 250,500 informal eating out establishments across the UK. Of these, an estimated 108,400 are independent, which is 43% of the total number of restaurants. And what’s more, the UK restaurant industry is worth over 40 billion pounds.

The kind of cuisine offered by these restaurants is also mind-bogglingly diverse, ranging from Japanese to Indian and from Caribbean to Chinese. These restaurants range from top-end fine dining establishments to more casual takeaways, or a combination of both.

fine dining restaurant in bradford

Eating out is the new normal for UK consumers. The latter are now eating out at any time of the day, including breakfast. This has meant that more consumers say that they have enough income to be able to eat out on a regular basis.

Healthy eating has also become a rising trend in recent years, with many restaurants offering fine-dining options that are healthy as well as tasty. Many restaurants have come up with their own proprietary sauces, thereby creating a uniquely flavoured USP in the minds of their customers.

What’s interesting is that the boom in the restaurant scene in the UK has led to a chronic shortage of chefs for restaurants across the board. Many restaurants are resorting to hiring temporary chefs and paying them twice the standard hourly rate. And the demand for specialty chefs is only slated to grow across the UK.

The most popular restaurants opened in 2015 were Japanese and Korean, with around one in ten eateries serving food from the Far East. Italian restaurants also opened in large numbers and so did restaurants serving fusion food. American-style restaurants, diners and barbecue places were also extremely popular.

So, whether you’re looking for delicious pancakes for breakfast, an American-style buffet for lunch, or then, South-East Asian fusion cuisine for dinner, the UK is the place to be. With several exciting new restaurants opening every month, across the UK, from London to Bradford, it’s easy to find the food you love.

Do experience new cuisine and new tastes and enjoy your food like never before. Here’s to a great eating out experience in the UK, each day, every day…

For more information on the Veri Peri group of restaurants and its imminent opening in the UK, at Bradford, watch this space.

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